Lessons In Hunter’s Full Moon

We just had another magnificent full moon! Did you get a chance to bath in its light?! This past full moon (October 24th, 2018) and all full moons nonetheless, offer us a great opportunity to reflect on where we have been, where we are currently and where we are going. On top of that, is our path of trajectory in alignment with our higher selves and where we wantto go?! We are each the creators of our own worlds, our own realities. However, we must aim and shoot with our eyes OPEN!

For a long time, most of my life, I took aim, and then RAN super-fastwith my eyes closed. I thought that going quickly, looking and acting busy would get me somewhere. I might get off course, but at least I was moving forward. Right?!

No so much. With my eyes closed I was playing victim. I was avoiding, and I was losing out on SO MUCH! When we open our eyes and wake up, take our time and take it all in, we get to experience all the beauty that is in the present moment as well as the opportunity to witness all of the necessary challenges that naturally arise. In my experience, you can either slow down, eyes wide open in experience of it ALL as you go, consciously embracing, learning, growing, feeling into each sucky and magical and neutral moment OR you can close your eyes, run and most likely crash! Only then to open your eyes and wonder what the hell happened?! Why do I feel so bad! Who did this to me?

It’s funny, but not so much.

As the seasons are changing, we enter fall. The flowers that once bloomed shed their pollen, the trees begin to change colors and leaves begin to fall. Last night’s full moon was an amazing opportunity to take stock of what has bloomed for me. Where and what do I want to let go of, to let fall away so that I can begin to rest in the stillness of winter, of what is to come? With the choice to open our eyes fully to what is, we get to reevaluate, aim and take fire.

Last night, I released several things. One being the illusion that I had continued to place myself under that began something along the lines of, “not you; what makes you think this job is for you?” As I move forward in full knowing that this is indeed my job, I feel lighter, more free more available to share truth. The most amazing part of this truth is that it has always been inside of me. Through intentional release and letting go, I am able to stand in full light and say, “This is me and I am here to share the truth of love!”

What are you letting go of right now in order to stand fully in your own light?

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