My name is Ali Johnson and I am a commitment to honoring my depth and empowering YOU to do the very same thing! You see, at our depths there is LIGHT and LOVE. Only when you get quiet enough to tap in, to listen and to FEEL within, can you live that light in a REAL way! We too often look to the outside world to validate who we BE and what we DO; too often we forget that it is not in the arranging perfectly of and accumulating more possessions, a great job, the perfect house and partner, the best car and awesome haircut but that it IS the SEEKING WITHIN and developing a practice that honors our depths that ULTIMATELY brings us the FREEDOM, PEACE and HAPPINESS that we are ALL searching for.

I know this because I have been on the side of tremendous fear, anxiety, the need for outside approval and burdened myself deeply in the pain and suffering of drug and alcohol abuse, disordered eating and self-injury as means to cope and control my inner and outer world.  I knew deep down that there just had to be more to life. That somewhere there were answers to true happiness and that someone must have the tools to pull me back up. In time, I discovered that this somewhere was WITHIN and that someone, was ME. The practice of going inward to quiet my mind through meditation, saved my life and continues to be the catalyst for further healing of my mind, body and soul at a deep and profound level. There is not a single day that goes by that does not require me to take what I have learned over the last 18 years and apply the tools necessary to bring me back to the calm and centered sanctuary I have created within my own mind.



My mission is to show you how to create sanctuary within your own mind so that you can live the life that you daydream about.


I am a meditation and mindfulness coach with a deep passion to create more peace on this planet. This passion burns inside so brightly that I cannot help but tell the whole world. More over, I just truly care about people, the planet and living at our maximum consciousness.


I believe that what happens on the INside reverberates on the outside and that YOU are your own unique reality. What a miracle. Let’s honor that!

"You cannot have what you are not willing to become."

Request a time to connect, ask questions and simply get to know each other. I may be able to help…