“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness”

-Sakyong Miphan

About Me

THANK YOU for stopping by! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to put YOU first! Just coming this way tells me that you care about your life, your family and friends the planet- that you care and you want MORE! So, WELCOME HOME!

My name is Ali Johnson and I am commitment to honoring my depth and empowering YOU to do the very same thing!… read more

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Ellen Kenoss

I look at my life in two parts - before practicing meditation and after I integrated meditation into my lifestyle. How different I view the world, my friends, strangers, and my environment. I am much more accepting of life’s situations now and am able to turn my anger, irritability, and stress into a more   peaceful, compassionate, and contented lifestyle. Instead of being so quick to judge other people, I can be still, think, and contemplate what their situation might be that I know nothing about. I use my newfound lifestyle and mindfulness everyday. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration Ali. You are a wonderful teacher.

Ellen Kenoss Personal Trainer
Maggie Conway

I have been attending Meditation groups led by Alison Johnson for about 2 years.  I've enjoyed many benefits from her leadership in my continued practice and effort to achieve better skills in meditation. Ali has helped guide me to feel more peace in the face of anxieties and stress arising from daily life and the Tinnitus from which I suffer.  At this point I have cut one of my medications in half.  I am able to sleep well and carry on my regular schedule with less medication. Ali is generous and kind and seeks only to help each of us progress. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ali is truly fortunate!

Maggie Conway Retired Teacher
Lori Coleman

I've had the privilege of meditating with Ali for 2 years.  She took away my fear of not meditating well enough and gave insights of how to deal with wandering thoughts. She has helped me develop a life skill that is available to me at all times.  Perhaps the greatest blessing is just Ali herself.  She is honest and vulnerable, speaking from her own trauma and struggles, which helps me open up to my own.  Her videos are about personal integrity and facing one's “shit”.  They challenge me to drop judgements, exercise, eat healthy, and reach beyond my comfort zones to not give up.  Thanks to Ali I am headed in the right direction.

Lori Coleman Grandmother/Artist